Born Learning Trails

Building a Born Learning Trail is a fun and enriching way to engage employees with a volunteer experience that adds to the positive morale of the company.

The Born Learning Trail offers opportunities for corporate visibility in the community while creating valuable community resources for early chidlhood learning. The fun, physical learning activities are designed for parents and caregivers to play with young children.

The interactive trails contain signs with instructions for simple games that can turn a trip to the park into fun learning moments. The activities encourages parents and caregivers to follow the child's lead, build the child's curiosity and confidence, and reinforce the learning already underway.

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The Signs

The first Born Learning Trails in Oshkosh were installed in October 2014.

They are located at these locations:

  • Roe Park, 300 Washington Avenue
  • Franklin School, 1401 W. 5th Avenue